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My beloved readers, I am sorry I have been unable to update this blog for more than two weeks now because I have been very busy and I have not had time to access the internet for more than 15 minutes at a time. A lot of water has passed under the WAZZUB bridge, the launch of our homepage was postponed, the doors to our PROFIT SHARING PHENOMENON is closed while another door to the SUCCESS SHARING PHENOMENON is open. There have been hitches here are there which are expected as we are a start up.

When I first saw the preview of our perfect homepage http://www.perfectinter.net I was impressed. I was not happy when we did not launch our homepage on April 9, 2012 as scheduled. I know a lot of people had a lot of doubts about WAZZUB, so postponing the launch of our homepage by even an hour would fuel the doubts and the scam screamers would scream “DIDNT I TELL YOU?????”

However when I just had a preview of our perfect homepage and how unique it was, my mood instantly changed and I became happy. I was happy because I knew that WAZZUB would earn hundreds of millions of dollars from that innovative homepage.

All my readers around the world please visit http://www.perfectinter.net and take a tour round the site. If you like what you see and you want to be a part of it please visit http://www.anything.com.ng and fill the short form.

When the doors to our PROFIT SHARING PHENOMENON closed my dollar factor was 1,449 when the doors to the SUCCESS SHARING PHENOMENON opened and I logged into my backoffice I discovered that my dollar factor had increased to 1,453. I was impressed that even after the doors of our PROFIT SHARING PHENOMENON has closed 9,510 still joined WAZZUB today (as at the time I am writing this) you can be sure that it would have increased to over 10,000 people by the time you are reading this..

WAZZUB is an interesting concept, it is innovative and interesting. I would continue to promote WAZZUB to the ends of the earth.


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WAZZUB vs The Others   4 comments

I am constrained to write this because I have observed a deep resentment for WAZZUB from their competitors. This appears to be beyond competition it appears to have descended into hatred for WAZZUB.

Sometime in February 2012 a few days after I joined this amazing WAZZUB project Facebook brought down WAZZUB’s page on their website, till date Facebook has not given any reason for bringing down their page. Prior to that it was very difficult to tell your friends on Facebook to join WAZZUB because Facebook blocks the WAZZUB referral link and declares it as spam. I got around this by sending Facebook messages to my friends asking for their email addresses when they send me their email addresses I then send my WAZZUB referral link to their email safely.

A few days after I joined WAZZUB while trying to study WAZZUB so I would be able to explain the profit sharing project to my prospects I discovered some where on the WAZZUB site where WAZZUB stated that people who use aol and msn email addresses to sign up to WAZZUB may not receive the verification email because according to them “there is a failure in their spam detection filter”. I however discovered that two of my downlines with a hotmail address received the verification email immediately my other downlines who used an msn email address never received the verification email.

It appears that now yahoo is blocking verification emails from WAZZUB, that is a big blow to me because most of my prospects have either a yahoo address or a gmail address. I signed up two people that I know yesterday and they have not received their verification email after more than 24 hours.

I wonder why all the internet giants are trying to frustrate WAZZUB, why are they afraid??

No matter how hard they try WAZZUB would be a huge success, just listening to the webinar where Mr Gee Da Costa explained what WAZZUB members would do between April 9 and April 30, 2012 is enough to convince me that WAZZUB would make at least $100 million as profit this year.

As at the time I am writing this piece WAZZUB has crossed the 4,000,000 mark and I was unable to hit the 1,000 mark I anticipated, my dollar factor now is 907.


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What Wazzub Pre-launch members would do between April 9, 2012 and April 30, 2012.   2 comments

Hello Every One, I have been away for a while because I have been very busy trying to spread the Wazzub gospel around the world. I remember in my last post I had a dollar factor target of 610 at the end of that day. Well I just want you all to know that I missed my target by just one because by the time I slept my dollar factor was 609. Well as I am writing this post today I have personally invited 223 people and my dollar factor is 877. I have adopted new strategies to ensure that my dollar factor crosses the 1,000 mark before the number of Wazzub members hits 4,000,000. Yeah I like to give my self targets and I like my dollar factor to be increasing as the number of Wazzub members is increasing. I would like to have a dollar factor of at least 1,000 by the time the number of Wazzub members hits 4,000,000.

I have joined mail lists and traffic exchange websites to promote my Wazzub referral link. I am still looking out for classified websites where people who need help or jobs post adverts. I visit the Wazzub blog http://heywazzub.blogspot.com everyday to see if there is any new information posted by our Wazzub Master Distributor Mr Gee Da Costa. Its really amazing listening to Mr Gee Da Costa during our Wazzub webinars, you can feel the love and passion he has for this Wazzub project. I usually cant attend our Wazzub webinars LIVE either because I would not have internet access at the time or I would be asleep due to the time difference between where I am and Phoenix, Arizona, USA where Mr Gee Da Costa conducts our webinars. As our webinars are usually recorded I usually make it a point of duty to watch them within a few days after they take place.

This morning I watched a webinar I had not watched because I wanted to know what we would do between April 9, 2012 and April 30, 2012. For those who have not watched that webinar, Mr Gee Da Costa made it clear that for those of us who joined Wazzub before April 9, 2012 (pre-launch members) we would still be able to increase or build our dollar factors between April 9, 2012 and April 30, 2012. We would be able to invite people and build our dollar factor but the people we invite (post-launch members) would not be beneficiaries of the 50% of Wazzub’s profits shared every month.

Another important information is that after our launch date April 9, 2012 all pre-launch members would all have 2 referral links the current referral link we have now and a new referral link but both referral links would point to the same page, but those who join Wazzub after April 9, 2012 would only have one referral link. So after April 9, 2012 the pre-launch members would still continue to invite people and would still increase their dollar factors up until April 30, 2012. The people who join after April 9, 2012 (post-launch members) would use their referral links to invite people to join Wazzub and that would build up another kind of factor now, not a dollar factor. Mr Gee Da Costa made it clear that he is not sure what exactly it would be called but said it could be deal factor which can be exchanged for good deals on the internet like restaurant meals, hotel accommodation and the like. The pre-launch members would also invite people after April 30, 2012 if they want to but their dollar factors would no longer increase after April 30, 2012 because the dollar factors of pre-launch members would be frozen after April 30, 2012.

I was really happy when Mr Gee Da Costa emphasized that the launch date of our perfect homepage April 9, 2012 would not be shifted backwards. Mr Gee Da Costa also took a considerable amount of time to answer questions asked by Wazzub members. Another thing that impressed me about the webinar was when Mr Gee Da Costa said that God have him Wazzub, I smiled because I also believe that the Lord of Hosts who made Heaven and Earth gave me Wazzub, every day since I joined Wazzub I thank God for showing me great and mighty things that I knoweth not according to his word in Jeremiah 33:3. Yeah Wazzub is a great and mighty thing that I did not know about and I thank the Lord everyday for making me to discover it.

If anyone reading this wants to join Wazzub simply visit http://www.anything.com.ng and scroll down and fill the short form with the following details;







then click join.

If you join Wazzub through my link http://www.anything.com.ng I would see your email address in my Wazzub members area and I would immediately send you an email with a step by step process of how you can invite your friends and even strangers to build your dollar factor.

Only 16 days left to the launch date. BRING IT ON.

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I woke up this morning with a dollar factor of 588. I searched on the internet for classifieds and discovered a website with email addresses posted by job seekers in a particular country. I started sending emails to them giving them a rare opportunity to join Wazzub. I have sent 59 emails to the job seekers that dropped their email addresses on the classified website, who knows this may be the opportunity they have been waiting for all their lives. I have always felt that job seekers are better prospects when looking for people to join Wazzub. They are more likely to join Wazzub and when they join they are more likely to invite people to join and this increases my dollar factor.

I remember inviting a job seeker (I would call him Mr J) some time last week and he was very interested and joined Wazzub. This morning looking at my Wazzub Members Area I can see that Mr J has invited 17 people, Mr J has my mobile number even though he has not taken the time to understand what Wazzub is all about, he gives my mobile number to his friends who ask him questions that he cannot answer. A few days ago I received a phone call from a man who said he was invited by Mr J and he said he has invited 2 people already, he wanted to ask me some questions about Wazzub. I was impressed…….. just by inviting a job seeker I have been able to achieve 3 generations within 2 days……. Mr J is my first generation, he invited this man that called me who is my second generation and this man has invited 2 people and they are my third generation.

When I invite people who have jobs and they join most of the time they do not invite anybody and it ends there although some invite one or two people and stop there. I kind of get the feeling that my friends just joined Wazzub because they believe me or they feel they would hurt me if they refuse to join but they dont believe in the Wazzub project. Personally I believe that if you join Wazzub and you do not invite anybody or you invite just one or two people it shows you dont believe in the Wazzub project. Because by inviting one or two people it is likely you would not even achieve a dollar factor of 3 which is required to qualify for the monthly payment from Wazzub. I usually dont bother when my friends and family that I invite refuse to invite any body, as long as I have invited them and they have verified their membership my dollar factor would have increased by 1. But for my family that I invite that do not take Wazzub serious I usually ask them for their Wazzub personal invitation link and assist them to put a few people under them so that they can at least achieve a dollar factor greater than 3 and be qualified for payment. I do this for two reasons, firstly I dont lose anything because my dollar factor also increases by 1 for each person I put under them and secondly I want them to be qualified for the monthly payment so that when on the first payment date of May 15, 2012 they are paid between $3 and $10 and they receive between $3 and $20 every month (depending on the profit of Wazzub) they would know that I told them about a genuine opportunity and would wish that they had taken Wazzub serious and invited their friends. But by then it would be too late. However I must point out that not everyone who has a job is unserious with Wazzub and also not all my family members have doubts, I invited one of my cousins (I would call him Mr V) and he joined Wazzub on February 16, 2012 Mr V has a job and also does business by the side, but as at this morning Mr V has personally invited 66 people. That is a rare example of someone who has a job, also has a business and still believes in the Wazzub project. Someone like Mr V is the kind of prospect I am looking for all over the world to join Wazzub. I am ready to send emails to 100 people or talk to 100 people on the street even if just 1 of the 100 people is like Mr V. If you have just 7 people like Mr V you can be sure that your dollar factor would increase in the night even while you are sleeping.

Hmmm just as I was writing this post I checked my dollar factor and saw that it has increased to 591……….. I wanna achieve a dollar factor of 610 by the end of today. The target aint ambitious but cmon this is a weekend.

Let me get back to work inviting people all over the world. I agree that some dont but many people need this Wazzub opportunity, it is my job to offer this opportunity to those that need it.






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Would Wazzub pay Millions of People or Thousands???   2 comments

As I stated in my opening post I would make an attempt to counter some of the arguments raised by critics of Wazzub. I want to bring your attention to a blog I commented on. The web address is;


The title of this post is “Wazzub Review – The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Join Wazzub” written by Jens Holvoet. This blog is given prominence on the first page of google results by Google when a simple search for “wazzub” is made on Google. I read the arguments of this critic and another critic Mr Mark Mifsud and I made a comment to counter some (not all) of their arguments. Note that I made the comment on February 28, 2012 and since then both Mr Jens Holvoet and Mr Mark Mifsud have been unable to counter my argument and prove me wrong.

What most critics who have not joined Wazzub fail to understand is that not every one who joins Wazzub before April 9, 2012 would be paid money out of Wazzub’s profits. When they make the argument that it would be impossible for Wazzub to pay millions of people they are making a mistake because it is clearly written in the Wazzub Members Area that you must have a “dollar factor” of 3 to be qualified for payment. To have a “dollar factor” of 3 a new Wazzub member has to personally invite 3 people or invite 2 people who would then invite 1 person. From my experience I made it clear that I believe that at least 99% of Wazzub members have not invited at least 3 people and would not be qualified for payment. Thus I believe that by the first Wazzub payment date on May 15, 2012 less than 200,000 people would be paid money and not the millions of people several people write erroneously in posts.

Here is the comment I made that no one has been able to counter since February 28, 2012.

I refuse to agree with the argument of Mr Mark Mifsud, he is entitled to his opinion anyway. I was online on a forum at about 3am on February 1 when I saw a post about wazzub I immediately joined it because when I read it I knew that I have nothing to lose. Today I have recruited 114 people in my first generation and more than 100 of these people are people I do not know and may never meet. I used Google translate to translate an email to Portuguese and I was able to persuade someone in Brazil to join wazzub. I have used Spanish to persuade people in Argentina to join wazzub. I have entered forums and chat rooms and I have convinced people in Kuwait, Egypt, China and South Africa to join wazzub. These are countries I have never been to but I have convinced people there to join wazzub. Before I joined wazzub on February 1, 2012 I used to ignore emails I receive from advance fee fraudsters operating all over the world, now I respond and give them the impression that I have sent them the requested money via western union. I tell the fraudsters that I can only give them the MTCN code on wazzub, when they sign up on wazzub I then tell them that I would only give them the MTCN code if they sign up 12 people under them. They get angry and leave me alone but I have still gotten a new member under me. I have been able to sign up 2 fraudsters in South Africa and 1 fraudster in Togo via this method. As I stated earlier I have personally invited 114 people and I have 213 people in my downline. My target is to personally invite at least 10,000 people before the deadline on April 9, 2012. Every day I am on the internet posting my personal wazzub link. Every day I ensure that I talk to at least 3 people about wazzub, if anyone refuses I go and find another person…… Cmon there are billions of people in this world and there are millions of people on the internet at every point in time.

With the amount of work I am doing if any one describes me as lazy I won’t even listen to you I would keep on inviting people to wazzub. If wazzub pays me over $30,000 every month and someone says wazzub is giving money to me for doing nothing, I don’t give a damn. You call using all manner of creative tactics to invite over 10,000 people “doing nothing”?

Another thing is that wazzub may not pay more than 200,000 people and not millions as people are writing here. You have to get a dollar factor of at least 3 to be qualified for payment, meaning that even people who join now and do not invite at least 3 people would not be paid. Over 95% of the people I have invited have not invited any body, and I believe 99% of all wazzub members have not invited at least 3 people. If everyone on wazzub has invited at least 3 people the number of wazzub members would have hit 3 million since. If everyone on wazzub has invited over 100 people like I have, the number of wazzub members would have hit 100 million. This is why I believe that wazzub would actually pay less than 200,000 people and not millions.

I do not believe wazzub is a scam, when it is time to process payment and they ask for my personal details I would give it to them. If they ask for my credit card details I would give it to them and nothing would happen to my money. People who claim wazzub is just collecting email addresses to send us spam are entitled to their opinion, after all this website asked for my email address to post this comment.

I am actually having fun on wazzub watching my “dollar factor” increase everyday. I also have fun when I see strange names from countries I have never been to signed up under me.

The worst thing that can happen about my involvement with wazzub is that it may be a flop. If that happens I would include it among business ventures that I invested in that did not succeed. If wazzub succeeds and I receive over $30,000 every month believe me I would fly first class and go on a long range vacation on all the continents.

The first wazzub pay day is on May 15, 2012 I would return to this website after that date to let you all know how much I was paid.

Guess what? since my last post my dollar factor has increased from 581 to 582. Lol. Surely someone in my downline has done some work because I benefit when any new member joins 5 generations deep below me.


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Wazzub on Fire   Leave a comment

Hello Readers,

I would be very blunt. I am a member of Wazzub. At about 3am on February 1, 2012 I was on a forum when I saw a post about Wazzub. I joined immediately because I had nothing to lose. Since then I have read a lot of blogs and comments on the internet about Wazzub. I have watched the cold war between Facebook and Wazzub and I have wondered why a giant (Facebook) would be scared of a dwarf (Wazzub).

The aim of this blog is to;

1. Bring more publicity to Wazzub

2. Attract more people to my downline

3. Attempt to give my opinion on some of the questions raised by the numerous critics of wazzub.

4. Try as much as possible to educate people because I have discovered that several wazzub members do not have the time or choose not to visit the wazzub blog http://heywazzub.blogspot.com regularly or wazzub’s twitter page or the wazzub FAQ page http://wazzub.info/faq.htm

Since I joined Wazzub on February 1, 2012 I have been able to personally invite 204 people and I have 581 people in my downline. My dollar factor as at now is 581. I must make it clear that this dollar factor of 581 includes unverified members and Wazzub has made it clear that unverified members would be deleted after the launch on April 9, 2012. As a result whenever I see my dollar factor I usually deduct about 100 from it “mentally” to ensure that I do not count my chickens before they are hatched.

My target is to personally invite at least 10,000 people by the launch date on April 9, 2012. I have a little over 30 days to achieve this objective. Everyday I would highlight on this blog what my dollar factor has increased to because my dollar factor would increase every day.

Cool down and enjoy this blog. If you stumbled on this blog and you want to join Wazzub please visit http://www.anything.com.ng and fill the form. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask me on this blog or send a mail to wazzubfire@pacificwest.com

For the purpose of this blog I would remain anonymous and would like to be called Wazzub Fire.

Take Care.

Mr Wazzub Fire.

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